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Grace’s blog: Race of Remembrance

My name is Grace and I am 10 years old. I have two brothers called Jacob and Vincent , and together we are the Chasin Racers.

Last year we watched the Race of Remembrance documentary on Sky Sports. After tweeting about how amazing it was, Jon Earp asked us to take on some important roles. I was asked if I would like to do a blog, and my brother Vincent was asked to be a mechanic for Team TWP.

It all started this morning.

Friday 6th November

We were all packed up and ready to go, hoping the 290 mile journey wouldn’t take too long.

We had been in the car for 3 hours and we stopped for lunch. In the services car park we spotted 6 Lamborghinis! They were all different colours.

Around ½ an hour later we drove under a bridge that had a Welsh dragon on. The car was filled with excitement. YAY! We were finally in Wales.

We were staying in a hotel in Wales for the whole weekend so on the way to the circuit we quickly dropped all our things off at the Premier Inn.

We knew we had made it when we saw the big Race of Remembrance sign.

The first thing we did at Anglesey circuit was go into Jack Goff (car number 61’s)  garage. After we had stayed in there for a while we ventured off into Davie Birrell’s garage.

We watched Davie on the documentary last year and have wanted to meet him ever since. We turned up in his garage and introduced ourselves.

Straight away he offered to let us sit in his car. Jacob got to turn the lights on and Vincent started up the engine! He slowly told us about each confusing button on the dashboard.

After that we went to the massive marquee. It had different stalls with lots of things to learn about and buy. Me and my two brothers bought a sock monkey each from Steph (Steph makes all sorts of amazing monkeys from socks). I called my army-coloured sock monkey Rory because we were at the RoR event.

grace-blog_jon-chest-waxingBefore we had our tasty dinner, we watched some men’s legs being waxed. Also Jon Earp had said that if they reached £750 of sponsorship he would have his chest waxed! When he said that they were only £86 away from £750. With some effort they soon reached well over £750 and so Jon had to have his chest waxed!

It looked very sore and he pulled some funny faces whilst it happened. He spoke to us later on and said that the most painful bit of it all was afterwards because some of the wax was still on his chest and it kept sticking to his top. We stayed in the marquee a bit longer talking to different people, after that we went back to our hotel.

Saturday 7th November 2015

We arrived at the race track after a long morning of having breakfast and getting organised for the day ahead. Our dad told us that if we wanted to make it in time for the start of the race tomorrow we would have to be 2 hours earlier!

Jacob, my mum and I all went inside and grabbed a warm cosy beanbag ; Vincent and my dad went and found the garage Vincent would be working in.

grace-blog_vincentVincent was allowed to actually work on the Team TWP car! He helped put a little light on the dash so the drivers could see it when it got dark. The team also helped Vincent put two of our stickers on their car.

Not long after, the wind and rain came along. Everyone hurried inside the marquee including Jack Goff and his dad. Vincent eagerly ran over and excitedly asked Jack to race him on the simulator. Jack agreed and Vincent was delighted! Jack came second and Vincent came forth.

Later on we walked to the garages and back to the marquee where we got to meet lots of very friendly drivers. We then sprinted around to look for a good spot to watch the start of the race.

We watched the start of the race between Turn 1 and The Banking. It was an excellent place to watch the race as we could see lots of overtaking and some cars sliding across the grass as parts of the track were still a bit wet.

Mummy and Jacob chose to watch the start of the race on the massive telly in the marquee.

At around half six it started to get really dark and you could see the bright headlights of the cars. It was a lovely sight.

We walked to different parts of the circuit to watch the race. Before long all the excited faces faded into worried faces. A car had set on fire! A safety car had to come out and they cut that part of the track off.

Shortly after the incident the race finished for the day.

Oh and I just realised that I forgot to tell you about Clayton. Clayton wasn’t able to race so he decided to cycle for the whole 9 hours of the race!  My brothers and I went round the marquee with buckets raising money for Clayton.

He managed to collect an amazing £595!

Lots of people were impressed with what he did – Clayton got awarded driver of the race even though he didn’t actually race.

Sunday 8th November 2015

We very quickly got dressed ate breakfast and packed everything just in time for the beginning of the race. As soon as we arrived my mum and two brothers rushed inside. My dad and I parked the car in the squelchy mud and then ran to where we stood the night before.

The safety car drove round twice. Then the lights were out! Straight away our eyes were fixed to the cars as they whizzed round super speedily.

Although we wanted to stay outside, the weather let us down. As we ran towards the marquee, bullet like drops of rain smacked against our face. It was painful.

At the front of the marquee my mum had reserved us a seat. I shared the beanbag with Jacob. We watched the race for about 20 minutes and then we all gathered outside the garages for the service.

At home for Remembrance Sunday we spend time with the Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts. Together we march down to a memorial where the service is held.

The Race of Remembrance service was different.  At Wales it felt more real, because people who had been injured in war were standing next to me. When it finished lots of people were hugging each other and Jim Cameron shouted “Let’s go racing”.

When the service had finished we had some lunch and watched the rest of the race. But the wind was growing stronger and stronger, as was the rain. (We since found out that nearby the wind was at an incredible speed of 74mph!)

The roof on the car that Vincent was working on had blown off and shortly afterwards the safety car had to come out as none of the drivers could see. Not long after the race was ended. It wasn’t all bad though as it meant fortunately for Clayton he only had to ride his bike for 8 hours.

After we said goodbye to everyone, we had to leave because of the long journey ahead of us.

Over the years we’ve had some amazing motorsport experiences, but the Race of Remembrance was #bestweekendever!