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Race of Remembrance 2018: a volunteer’s perspective

2018 was my first Race of Remembrance and it was everything I thought it was going to be (wet, windy and wildly exciting) but it was also so much more.

Not being a massive car enthusiast (a fact I should probably keep to myself) I was surprised to find how much time I spent watching cars flying round the track. The atmosphere in the garages was electric and, at times, heartbreaking, as cars broke down and dreams of winning, or at least finishing, were dashed. However, by the time it came to the awards presentation there was nothing but laughter and goodwill, and some very jubilant winners, at the end of what had been a very emotional Remembrance Sunday.

It is often said that this is a race built around a Remembrance Service, not the other way around. It is so true. The Remembrance Service was something very special indeed and unlike anything I’ve ever attended. The sun shone (quite special in itself considering we were in Anglesey in November!), the sky was blue (again, wow!) and the Military Wives’ choir sang as hundreds of people gathered on the pit lane to remember. A beautifully poignant service that left everyone with at least one tear in their eye, and me (and many others) sobbing like babies. Once again, the Mission Motorsport family looked after each other, offering beneficiaries and each other emotional and moral support and a whole lot of hugs. All in all, a very humbling and special experience and I now wouldn’t want to attend a Remembrance Service anywhere else.

As with any Mission Motorsport event, and I’ve now been to quite a few, it’s the people that make it so special. Never before have I experienced such an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment. There is a massive amount of laughter and jokes, often at each other’s expense, but underneath the fun is a group of very genuine people who really give a s**t about each other and those that need them. It sounds cheesy, but it really is an honour and a privilege to work alongside these people in their amazing cause.

Some people ask me why I volunteer. As a single mum of two amazing boys and working full time, I surely don’t have the time? I tell them it’s a matter of priorities. If by allocating a few hours a month to this amazing cause I can help in any way, then yes, I do have the time. And as I’ve said, it’s hardly an onerous task – we have a lot of fun too.

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