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Ben Lamplough

Ben Lamplough served as a Vehicle Mechanic with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers for 12 years. Having served with various units, he deployed on Op Herrick 10 where unfortunately, he was involved in an IED explosion during a routine vehicle patrol. Luckily, Ben received very few physical injuries, and carried on as normal. A few weeks later, he had to be medevac’d due to a separate injury.

For the following few years, Ben’s career carried on as normal and he deployed on further tours of Afghanistan. He became an instructor at REME Phase 2 training in Bordon, a role he was very proud to do. Tours became a thing of the past and he was able to focus more on his family.

When he moved units, it was around the same time as he welcomed his youngest child to the world, so his life was hectic and stressful, and things changed. He became easily agitated, and normal day to day tasks – the simple things – became increasingly difficult. He would make up excuses in order to avoid social situations. Things at home worsened. There was hostility between Ben and his wife, and after nearly filing for divorce, Ben was sent on a downward spiral, and he found himself withdrawing even more from everything that kept him afloat.

He knew he needed help, but that was easier said than done. He booked many medical appointments, but would cancel them shortly after. Things went bad to worse, and after an incident at home, he knew he had to seek help. To this day, he admits that it was the hardest thing he has ever been through – admitting that things weren’t right was incredibly difficult for Ben. When he finally sought help, he was diagnosed with PTSD.

Even after seeking help, Ben was still overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness and a feeling of guilt. He believed that the easiest way to deal with life, was to not live at all. The thought crossed his mind again and again, and as the months passed by, his military career became a thing of the past. He was lost in a world of unknowns. Ben engaged with Help for Heroes and attended a Core Recovery Event course at Tedworth House.

Whilst on the course, he met Mission Motorsport Vocational Manager, Steph. After chatting with her, he decided to get involved with Mission Motorsport. In his own words, “This was the start of me becoming me again.”

Ben attended an open day at Mission Motorsport HQ in Wantage, and had the chance to chat to “a bunch of ex squaddies that are mad as a box of frogs but have the underpinning drive to help you.” According to Ben, they just “got it.”

He was beginning to be more like his old self. He had found a place that added real value to his recovery, a workshop full of cars and a bunch of people with different stories but the same end goal, and found that his injury wasn’t as much of a barrier as he thought. A key participant in the Defender Challenge team, Ben used the sporting opportunity to network and to build relationships outside the Army. He worked at MM HQ for many weeks turning spanners, socialising and more importantly smiling again. Things progressed and, thanks in no small part to his engagement with senior engineers in JLR secured a work placement at Jaguar Land Rover in the MM WIS placement program.

“Mission Motorsport has been the foundation of this transition and the team constantly pushed me the way I needed. They had achieved what I thought was unachievable; they’ve got me back to work.
Mission Motorsport make the bad times disappear and the good times last. They have provided me with many avenues to explore. I have a lot to thank them for. It has made me a more positive person. I can live again and more importantly, I’m smiling. The MM team have set a foundation for me to build from and things are looking good. Everyone at MM has had a part to play in that and without them things would be very different.”

In April 2017, Ben accepted a full-time job as a Maintenance Engineer at Kettleby Foods.