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Steven McCulley

In May 2011, whilst serving in Afghanistan, Major Steven McCulley was injured after being involved in an IED explosion. Shrapnel tore large holes in one side of Steve’s chest, fracturing six ribs and tore through his right lung. Steve was kept alive by his comrades until the Medical Emergency Response Team picked him up by helicopter and flew him back to the field hospital in Camp Bastion. He was flown back to Britain, and spent the following three weeks in a medically induced coma in the intensive care unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Two months after he was first wounded, Steve started the rehabilitation process at the Defence medical rehabilitation centre, Headley Court. He made good progress to begin with, but a year after his injury his conditioned worsened and he needed to have major surgery to remove the remaining shrapnel, which resulted in the loss of around 80% of his lung. He gets lethargic because oxygen isn’t reaching his muscles quickly enough, so he can’t do any impact exercise, but he can cycle.

He was introduced to Mission Motorsport during his recovery and has been involved in many different activities; from passenger laps on track days to drifting around a skid pan with the Car Control team. He has been involved with racing, including with the Caterham Academy. Steve has raced in the annual Race of Remembrance and in 2016 won First in Class. He has also been involved in the vocational side of Mission Motorsport. He’s been taught engineering and mechanical skills as well as workshop management. Steve now owns his own business, LIOS Bikes, which builds custom carbon bicycles although he is still (and has always been) a self-confessed ‘petrol head’.

“The journey has been incredible; I’ve met new friends, I’ve learnt a lot about myself, as well as the motorsport industry, and it has all been therapeutic.”